About Us

Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin delivers outpatient physical therapy services with comprehensive focus on spinal pain and dysfunction. We care for spines – all day, every day. Within our spine-care niche, we offer specialty programs for Scoliosis (using the Schroth method,) sport-related spine injuries, and Parkinson patients with spinal dysfunction.

Body Dynamics, a division of Spinal Dynamics, delivers sports and extremity-focused physical therapy. Elite and recreational athletes turn to us for a therapy approach that incorporates the specific needs of the sport-minded person. We also apply our positive attitude and results-oriented programs to patients with facing in work or every day functional limitations. 

Physical Therapy MilwaukeeWe want to be your resource
We are proud of our excellent working relationships with more than 200 physicians who refer to us annually. They rely on us – and collaborate with us to help problem-solve their most complex cases. We’re honored that many physicians turn to us for their own care, and the care of their colleagues, friends and family.

Many of our patients have had physical therapy elsewhere before turning to Spinal or Body Dynamics. Why? Because we’ve become recognized as a resource for “leaving no stone unturned.” This may mean we see patients who:

  • are “trying everything” before surgery
  • have had surgery but need help managing residual problems
  • have normal diagnostic testing, like x-ray and MRI, but may be uncertain about what direction to take next

We help identify the “non-structural” or “dynamic” source of pain, and set each patient on an individualized treatment plan specific to his or her unique needs.

In addition to physical therapy, Spinal Dynamics offers many related services.  

Our clinic is conveniently located near Mayfair Mall in an easily accessible office building in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to:

  • Working with intensity, passion and tenacity
  • Exploring options; thinking outside the box
  • Fostering an environment of energy in our clinic
  • Working collaboratively with physicians and others who refer patients
  • Challenging one another with continual learning

In 2006, the Milwaukee Business Journal named Spinal Dynamics one of the area’s Great Places to Work. Read article >>