What Our Patients Have To Say

Chellsie Memmel, US Olympic gymnast/world gymnastic champion

Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin1“Cheryl has been my physical therapist since I was nine when the athletic trainer at my gym referred me to her. She has been a big part of my life in helping me get back to gymnastics after injury. She is great at problem-solving and has always communicated very closely with my coaches, which is critical for any athlete. She’ll even come to see me work out at the gym – which has given her better understanding of what I need for my sport. She is a great therapist who makes therapy fun. Thanks, Cheryl.”

Reviews from Open House

Here is a sample of the “compliments” we received from the guests at our open house in February 2015:

What I like best about Spinal Dynamics/Body Dynamics:
Atmosphere, personality and attitude of therapists (Aaron)
From the front desk you are greeted with a smile & friendly atmosphere (a happy office). Lauren is an exceptional PT, always trying new exercises for my back. Listens, truly cares. I enjoy coming to this office (Pat)
Expertise, friendliness of all staff. Really know their field of therapy, always willing to go the extra mile. Have been recommending to all I know for several years and will continue to do so. Can’t say enough about Chrissy Sena – just the most knowledgeable individual I know!! (Danielle)
The best part is my therapist, Cheryl. She is always cheerful and has helped me regain shoulder functionality to almost everything that I did prior to my injury. (Cathy)
Cheryl Timmer – the best PT ever, anywhere! (Allegra)
I am very impressed working with Matthew. He is very caring. Explain everything. Why we do certain exercises to loosen our muscle, give strength to our mussels, help our posture and strengthen our back mussels. I will always recommend Spinal Dynamics to my friends and others who need help. Thank you and keep up the good work. (Jesse)
All the people of course! (Tyler)
Kind and caring staff. Therapists who are on the cutting edge of technology. Amazing treatment for scoliosis with proven results. A step ahead in care. (Jennifer)
Great! Most impressed with the place, also with Lauren. She did so much. A great place to go. I’m telling all my friends about this place. (Dororthy)
Meg – She is absolutely the perfect physical therapist! She is sweet, smart, and a good teacher. I love how she explains everything and makes sure I understand the exercises. Love ya! (Hannah)
The therapists and staff! (Sue)
John H (Paula)
Shop local, don’t bother with the big box stores. I support local experts at SDW with my life. You can trust yours! (Mary)
Meg! She is AWESOME!! I love how dedicated she is and how she works hard to find a solution to every problem. Also – she is wonderful to talk to – very knowledgeable! (Patti)
They teach you why you are doing certain exercises, plus the therapist makes it fun! (Barbara)
Everyone is friendly, kind and I know I am always going to leave laughing. I also feel better when I leave. (Julienne)

Tom Crean, Former Head Coach, Marquette Men’s Basketball

“I saw Cindy in 2005 to address recurring back problems.  I wanted to avoid surgery, I didn’t want more injections, and I needed to be strong to succeed on the court with my team. Cindy really helped me understand the biomechanics of my spine and immediately set me on a good course of treatment. With hands-on therapy and very specific exercises, I was able to return to living my life and coaching my team in the style I was accustomed to.  Since then, Cindy and her staff have served as consultants to my players, my family and my friends. I am heading into my third year since therapy and am doing great.”

Milwaukee Area Spinal Surgery Group

“We have referred to Spinal Dynamics since 2003. We whole-heartedly supported Cindy Marti’s decision to develop a spine-dedicated practice, as we belive that the complexity of spine patients requires special physical therapy expertise. Our patients return to us not only extremely satisfied with the service, but most often with excellent clinical outcomes. We utilize Spinal Dynamics as a resource prior to surgical decision-making and to help with differential clinical diagnoses when radiology findings are inconclusive. We are pleased to work collaboratively with these therapists to achieve optimal outcomes for challenging spine patients.”

Sanjay V. Khemka, Physician

“I express my gratitude by sharing my wife’s and my patients’ experiences at Spinal Dynamics over the last six months. My wife suffered with chronic back pain due to disk herniation. Cindy has been a blessing for her. Cindy’s knowledge and precision about physical therapy techniques, her analytical skills, and perseverance are unparalleled. Not only did she introduce great strengthening exercises, but unlike other therapists that my wife had seen in the past, she also pointed out very important biomechanical issues contributing to back pain. Treatments were scheduled for one hour, so we never felt rushed. Every visit has been a healing and learning experience. Cindy helped my wife learn how to relieve pain independently, without the help of a therapist in future. My patients also have had equally wonderful and life-changing experiences at Spinal Dynamics. After seeing the difference that Cindy has made in my wife’s and patients’ life, I feel confident to say “Do not give up, Spinal Dynamics can help!”

Thomas S. Weber, MD, sports medicine physician

“I have worked with the spine specialists at Spinal Dynamics for the past five years and have been so impressed by their expertise in the field of spinal rehabilitation. I frequently refer my ‘difficult’ patients to this clinic when others have tried and failed. In this day of ‘numbers crunching’ medicine, it is so refreshing to have a group of dedicated medical professionals who still spend time with the patient and truly affect/change their lifes for the better. There is no PT group better for spine care in Southeastern Wisconsin.”

Charlie Dee, 61-year-old First Wave Birkebeiner Competitor

“Ankles, knees, shoulder, back. You name it, I’ve injured it. Cheryl always gets me back training and makes me laugh in the process. It’s nice to have a PT who has worked with some of the world’s best athletes – and to feel like I’m getting the same attention and skill as they get.”

John Scallon, Patient

“Meg has been a fantastic provider of care and encouragement to  my daughter as her therapist for scoliosis.  She has a very personal approach, learning what motivates each patient and this builds their confidence as a result.  Not only has my daughter’s physical condition improved with Meg’s help, but her attitude has gone from ‘this is awful’ to ‘I own this and I can overcome it.’  I would highly recommend Meg and Spinal Dynamics to any parent or individual dealing with scoliosis or other back condition.”

John Angeles, Patient

“As a lead performer in the touring production of the international percussion sensation STOMP, I am constantly putting my body through physically demanding shows.  I’m always in need of maintenance,  to keep my body running.  But when I suffered a severe lower back injury during a performance, I was completely out of commission and needed more than just massages or chiropractic work. That’s when I looked into Spinal Dynamics for extensive physical therapy. Meg Gogin gave me the most innovative and personal attention I’ve ever received. The physical therapy was not only directed toward a healthier back, but also specifically aimed at improving my movements in my performances to prevent further injuries.   Meg took the time to study my performances and create unique exercises specific to me and my body. Meg gave me a better understanding of my body, and she provided me with the knowledge I needed. Because of Meg, I’m back on stage and performing stronger,  but most importantly SMARTER, than ever before!”

Keith Brown, Patient

“Before I came to Spinal Dynamics my health outlook was pretty hopeless. I felt there was no way to get better. But thanks to you my future has an up-side to it. I want to personally thank you Ann for being so passionate and understanding. In all my 45 years of living, not even my personal physician took the time to understand the things I needed. You did! And Bob: you were a great listener and motivated me. And the front desk: you were so courteous and helpful. May God continue to bless Spinal Dynamics!

Linzi Saigh, Patient

“I would like to point out that throughout my experiences I have been very disappointed with health care providers overall.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Spinal Dynamics.  Cindy and the front office staff were very helpful and kind.  Cindy is awesome and expresses genuine concern and excitement, which I feel is rare.  It was so refreshing.  Thank you and I look forward to completing my treatment with your office.

Christine Bartos, Patient and Physician

“Thank you for going above and beyond to help me achieve a better state of well-being. I am so appreciative that you were able to tackle my multitude of musculoskeletal problems and get me in better shape. I am grateful for the daily tools you gave me to help keep my symptoms at bay.”

Johanna Allen, Patient

“Meg, the Physical Therapist, was attentive, thorough and knowledgeable in the newest research & treatments. She developed a plan-of- care with exercises and adaptations that I can implement in my daily life. My goal is pain relief, improved functioning and wellness without surgery–Meg was able to help me with these goals. Also, the office is so easy to work with and courteous–they handled the insurance part for me, they were able to offer many appointment times and had many therapists to choose from–their professionalism made it so much easier for me to work 12 physical therapy appointments into my extremely busy schedule.  I wished I’d found this therapy provider a long time ago. If you have scoliosis, look no further for care. ”

Ananda Gonzalez, Patient

“This was an incredibly positive experience. Before attending the scoliosis immersion program at Spinal Dynamics, I had a big dark cloud over head. Now, the light is shining again and hope is restored. When I started therapy, my curve was 37 degrees. Now, I am at 27 degrees even without wearing a brace for 48 hrs. This program is excellent and it’s very beneficial to see other kids in the same age group in the same situation. I made friends with one of the patients and our families even traveled to Florida together.”

Caley Crawford, Patient

“I am so thankful to have a chance to go to Spinal Dynamics. The degrees of my spine were 48 and 47. (Pretty bad, huh?) This gave me a chance to stop my curving spine while it was still in the making. I learned different techniques and exercises along with two other girls who were there, and we became pretty close. I felt totally supported and good about myself afterwards because I know that I’m doing was the right thing. I was also relieved because I could tell that Amy (our “trainer”) knew exactly what she was doing. Now I only have to do 20 minutes of exercises daily, six days a week. I can tell my spine is improving. To keep me motivated, I made a deal with my mom. I can get one song for my MP3 a week if I do all of my exercises. But the thought of having surgery keeps me going too! I’m so proud of myself that I did what I did!”

Mother of Laura Starcher

“My daughter’s situation was complicated. Her posture was horrible prior to treatment, but Amy instructed her on how to correct her position. Now her posture is significantly improved and she physically looks like a different child. Learning the Schroth breathing techniques was very beneficial. Spinal Dynamics has an exceptionally well-educated staff, and Amy is fabulous! As a parent, I liked her direct approach and the fact that she was demanding in terms of results.”

Connie Ziccarelli, Patient

“I am amazed with how much my daughter has changed in a week’s time both in her attitude to scoliosis and her confidence in a physical therapy approach. She is very engaged with learning about her spine and knowing how to improve her posture. She commented, “Mom I don’t want to have surgery so I’m going to do PT real good”. She proudly wore her Spinal Dynamics T-shirt yesterday. I’ve seen and worked with many physical therapists and I must say that you are one of the best. The passion you have for the Schroth Method shows. You make it easy to understand. Your communication skills are tremendous and reflect your vast knowledge of your work/studies. I am so happy we found Spinal Dynamics and that we have an option to spinal surgery. You have blessed our family greatly!”

The Hildenbrand Family

“Your progressive thinking and commitment has been our prayers answered. No matter the outcome, you allowed us choices where there seemed to be none.”

Posted by Mandala to Kudzu.com

“This is the place to go if you have any sort of problems, spine-related or not. I have a spinal injury and have been to many physical therapists over the years. These guys really know their business. I received very thorough evaluations. The treatment was very specific and I got results. Definitely worth it to invest your time in them!”

Rebecca Ruesch, Patient

“My therapist coached me, and is always is happy when I make an improvement. She is interested in what I have to say, and is always there for me. She is truly dedicated to what she does, and wants to help all of us suffering from scoliosis. I feel more empowered. I finally have a way that I can work to prevent surgery. I never was able to have that feeling. It was just, wear the brace and hope that it helps.”

The Briskies Family

“Our daughter, Megan, is in Schroth treatment. Every session has run on time. The receptionist is very professional with scheduling. We are very happy with the program and our therapists’ guidance and treatment. I would recommend this clinic to others.”

Sara and Tzpoar Neumann, Scoliosis Family

“We felt your passion for your work. Everyone at Spinal Dynamics was committed to providing us with the most pleasant and productive experience possible.”

Kendra Kasischke, Patient

“I was referred to Spinal Dynamics after a recent hip surgery.  This was part of a two year old workers compensation car accident claim.  I always had reports for each doctor visit as well as updates for workers compensation – both important steps in the claim process.  From the first evaluation through months of care I was treated with professionalism and with a personal touch.  The minute you walk into the office you are welcomed by name and seen on schedule without feeling rushed.  I had multiple diagnoses and was able to see a few different PT’s for their specialties.  Each one offered professional care with individual expertise.  Spinal Dynamics took the time to understand my physical challenges as well as my personal lifestyle and professional work needs.  Their relationship with the surgeon allowed them to create a plan within his specific guidelines and worked for me personally.  Throughout the process I felt I was part of the plan vs. just being given a plan to follow.  I was also encouraged to reach out to them between visits if I had any questions.  Full service care!

Alan Bertelson, Patient

I have been battling chronic back pain for over 30 years.  I have tried just about every therapy available, including surgery, and yet I still have pain.  The best thing about being a patient at Spinal Dynamics is the combination of traditional physical therapy and the willingness of the PT’s to try brand new techniques – such as dry needling, which really helped me.  I was amazed by how knowledgeable the staff was.  With their help I have been able to keep my pain at a manageable level.  My therapist Ann had a solution for every ache or pain in any part of my body.  She was also very good at motivating me to do my part to keep the main to a minimum.  I would like to thank the entire staff at Spinal Dynamics for taking excellent care of me.  They kept my employer informed and did a great job handling my workers compensation claim.”

John Medora, Patient

“In 2013 and 2014, Spinal Dynamics provided me with excellent quality of care after I suffered a work related injury.  The staff was professional, courteous and instrumental in helping me get back to my active lifestyle.  There was excellent communication between me, my case manager and the doctors when deciding on the most effective treatments and follow up care for my injury.  I’m happy to be back to my normal daily activities.

Karen Desotelle, Patient

“I spent years struggling with chronic pain and resultant deterioration of physical fitness. When I was referred to Spinal Dynamics, I pretty much settled for a greatly reduced quality of life. Today, I have learned how to manage much more effectively on my own, and I have knowledge that my therapist is there to help me find new strategies if needed. Cindy has an extraordinary combination of excellent technical skill and empathy for her patients. She has been a gift to me and my life. Thank you so much for giving me hope and independence.”

Karly Clunie, Patient and registered nurse

“Prior to Spinal Dynamics, I was convinced that I would have to live my life in chronic pain. My therapist not only provided me with consistent pain relief at each appointment, but invested her time into me to empower me with the tools I needed to move forward and rely on her less and less.”

Allyson Dermot, Patient

“I have suffered with increasing pain for over 10 years. After many doctor visits and many unsuccessful treatments, no one seemed to be able to help me. It wasn’t until my therapist from Spinal Dynamics worked with me that I was accurately evaluated and expertly treated. My therapist believed me.”

Kelly Jaeger, Patient

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the PT you provided. I never thought I would get back to normal, especially after 10 years and a previous failed try with PT seven years ago.”

The Zacker Family

“You have given Stephanie instruction and guided her from numbness and pain to allow her to live like a normal 18-year-old girl getting ready for college. In the words of our physician, “Cindy saved another one!”

Hany Nosir, MD, interventional pain management specialist

“I have been referring patients for physical therapy to Spinal Dynamics for the past three years. I trust them for their expertise in managing difficult cases, especially in their ability to get good outcomes with patients who have failed elsewhere. Their experienced staff is very resourceful in managing problems beyond the capacities of many general practice PT clinics.”

Thomas E. Lass, MD, interventional pain management specialist

“Physical therapy can be important to restore functionality once pain levels have been reduced. At Advanced Pain Managementl we treat a very large number of patients with a variety of spinal disorders, and have always preferred to utilize a physical therapy firm that shares our field of interest. We have expectations for a high degree of patient satisfaction, combined with favorable outcomes that consistently exceed the norm. I have had many patients treated unsuccessfully at other locations, both hospital-based and free-standing clinics. Many patients return to my office exclaiming the superb treatment and attention to detail they receive at Spinal Dynamics. They are a ‘step above the ordinary.’ The execeptional results obtained there are, undoubtedly, due to their well-trained and attentive staff. I believe that by focusing on one subset of the therapy market, their skill levels and outcomes improve. That is, after all, what the practice of medicine is all about.”

Sanjay V. Khemka, Internal Medicine Physician

“I express my gratitude by sharing my wife’s and my patients’ experiences at Spinal Dynamics over the last six months. My wife suffered with chronic back pain due to disk herniation. Cindy has been a blessing for her. Cindy’s knowledge and precision about physical therapy techniques, her analytical skills, and perseverance are unparalleled. Not only did she introduce great strengthening exercises, but unlike other therapists that my wife had seen in the past, she also pointed out very important biomechanical issues contributing to back pain. Treatments were scheduled for one hour, so we never felt rushed. Every visit has been a healing and learning experience. Cindy helped my wife learn how to relieve pain independently, without the help of a therapist in future. My patients also have had equally wonderful and life-changing experiences at Spinal Dynamics. After seeing the difference that Cindy has made in my wife’s and patients’ life, I feel confident to say “Do not give up, Spinal Dynamics can help!”

Paul Nausieda, MD, neurologist

“I learned about Spinal Dynamics as a patient, after referral from my orthopedic surgeon. I was impressed with their ability to establish a treatment plan that dramatically improved my symptoms and alleviated mulitple chronic complaints. Since then, I have referred mulitple patients to Spinal Dynamics. Their unique approach to treatment has resulted in many very satisfied patients, and their approach to Parkinson Disease is unlike any program I have used in the past. Their knowledge and positive attitude has improved the status of many people who have previously failed physical therapy, and restored independence to many debilitated patients.”

James Peterson, Patient

Matt is by far the best therapist I have ever had. I have competed in Judo for over 40 years and have had many injuries and ten surgeries. As a result I have had a great deal of rounds of therapy and many different therapists. The approach that your group takes is unique and is a refreshing change. I would highly recommend you to my 50 Judo students and all of my friends.

Stacy Cannariato, patient

My husband and I have been coming to your clinic for years, he more consistently, but always get great service and care. As a Physical Therapist myself Spinal Dynamics is my #1 choice for my personal physical therapy needs! I don’t practice in an outpatient clinic so Spinal Dynamics is also where my husband and I refer our family and friends. I know that whoever I refer will get high quality, appropriate treatment specific to their needs. The staff is always learning new techniques and doesn’t use cookie cutter approaches. My husband and I both saw Ann before she retired. My husband now sees Meg. She has gone above and beyond helping him and now our friend Renee! Spinal Dynamics staff gets an A+!!!

Did You Know?

A large percentage of patients come to Spinal Dynamics after limited success at other clinics. 

Many physicians, medical professionals and their families seek us out for our clinical expertise and our one-on-one setting.

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