Sport-Specific Services

Sport-Specific Services

Our sports medicine specialists offer training consultation, exercise recommendation and physical therapy for sports performance.  We’ll work diligently to help you meet your goals. We often work collaboratively with personal trainers and coaches, and can consult with you at your gym.  

Fitness-minded individuals and competitive athletes turn to us for:

  • injury prevention
  • managing overuse conditions 
  • returning to training/sport following injury or surgery
  • advancing to higher-level training
  • getting back to a sport or work-out routine after a lapse in time

Are you a gymnast?

We work with gymnasts of all levels from clubs across the metropolitan area.  Our services are geared to meet the pressing demands for gymnastics performance.  Coach communication is an integral component of our approach.  We are proud to have worked with state champions and have a long-standing relationship with US Olympian Chellsie Memmel.   

Do you cycle?

Adjustments to your bike or your biking technique can make sweeping changes in your enjoyment or peformance in cycling.  Our Body Dynamics therapist, Cheryl Timmer, wrote her master's thesis on cycling mechancis and is expertly trained to evaluate:

  • bike fit (beyond sevices provided at retail locations)
  • cycling technique
  • muscle, joint and pain issues
  • shoe/cleat choice
  • optimal RPMs and gearing

We invite you to bring your bike to our clinic for a videotaped cycling analysis.

Is golf your passion?

Whether you’re a novice or experienced golfer, we understand that you strive for your best game. Despite practice, lessons, new clubs, and tips from the pros, you may not be satisfied with your performance. So you ask:

“Is there something about my swing creating problems in my body?” or
“Is there something about my body creating problems in my swing?”

Three of our PT professionals are avid golfers and specially trained in golf swing analysis. With a keen eye on spinal and extremity mechanics, we’ll evaluate:

  • club choice and fit
  • muscle, joint and pain issues
  • swing technique
  • strength and flexibility
  • ideal warm-up strategies

Bring your clubs to our clinic for an initial consultation including videotaped analysis. We are also available to meet you off site - at your club, on the course or at a driving range. We often work collaboratively with golf pros.

Is baseball or softball your sport?

Repetitive throwing can impact your body and your game. We can help you perform better by comprehensively addressing muscle and joint pain. We’ll provide:

  • videotape analysis of throwing mechanics
  • hands-on coaching for arm path optimization
  • understanding of lower body strength and stability on throwing style
  • techniques to improve speed and accuracy
  • strategies to manage repetitive motion stresses
  • batting consultations

We serve athletes from little league through college, both recreational and competitive.  We also consult with coaches and trainers.  You’ll benefit from the experiences of our lead throwing analyst, Bob Becker, who has been recognized in the Wisconsin Baseball Hall of Fame.

Are you a runner?

Whether you’ve run for some time and are seeking new ways to improve, or just getting into running, our goal is to help you.  You'll understand how subtle changes can improve speed, enhance endurance, reduce pain, and minimize risk of injury. We’ll provide:

  • videotape analysis of gait and stride
  • tips to improve strength and flexibility
  • running shoe evaluation and recommendation

We work with many area track and cross country athletes as well as running club members.

If you are in a sport that is not listed above, we can still help you.  We will use our experience and biomechanical knowledge to help get you back to your sport if you're injured, or help you improve if you're seeking to enhance performance.


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