Parkinson Program

Parkinson, Posture and Physical Therapy

Spinal Dynamics offers a specialized program for evaluating and treating postural and spinal dysfunction in people with Parkinson disease.

Physicians who care for Parkinson patients often identify a tendency toward worsening posture – in sitting and/or standing positions. Some patients experience fairly rapid development of scoliosis (a lateral curvature of the spine as viewed from behind) and some develop a rounded upper back posture (kyphosis.)

Our spine-specialized physical therapists go beyond a focus on improved cosmetic appearance. We strive to help patients and their caregivers make functional improvements that have true positive impact on daily living.

We comprehensively evaluate and address a range of issues:

  • common patterns of muscle imbalance (tightness and weakness)
  • reduced lung capacity
  • neck and back pain
  • decreased agility and mobility
  • reduced endurance
  • diminished ability to stand/walk safely
  • psychological impacts of negative body image or lack of posture control
We will measure your current level of function and monitor your progress.  Our physical therapy interventions include:
  • spinal stabilization exercises
  • stretching and spinal tissue mobilization
  • digital posture photos for teaching and observation of change
  • soft posture support braces
  • sitting supports
  • taping for posture facilitation
  • spirometer breathing measurement and monitoring

Education is a critical component of the care we provide. All patients are given multiple strategies to address individual postural needs. We will teach you and help motivate you to be proactive in your therapy – both at our clinic and in your home.

Spinal Dynamics is pleased to have earned the trust of Dr. Paul Nauseida, medical director of the Wisconsin Parkinson Association and one of the Midwest’s foremost experts in Parkinson disease. We are collaborating to explore “think outside the box” approaches and applying ourselves creatively to develop a specific, measurable postural improvement program for patients who desperately want to sit and stand more upright.  Read comments from Dr. Nauseida >> 

We encourage you to ask your physician about physical therapy or to contact us for additional information.

Read about this program in the Wisconsin Parkinson Association newsletter

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