Body Dynamics

Body Dynamics:
For Peak Performance – In Sport, Work and Daily Life

Body Dynamics, a division of Spinal Dynamics, delivers excellence in extremity and sports-focused physical therapy.

  • Our staff has keen insights into the biomechanics and function of sport, work, recreation and everyday life
  • We offer you high levels of expertise and energy
  • We are committed to motivating you and helping you learn 
  • You’ll see results reflected in your performance in everyday activities, recreation, sports, work and beyond

Who sees us?

Hundreds of performance-minded individuals have turned to our experienced staff. You can too.

  • High school athletes, including state-decorated champions
  • College athletes, including Marquette University Men’s Basketball players
  • Elite athletes, including members of US Olympic Gymnastics and Speedskating teams Read comment >> 
  • Recreational and sports enthusiasts of all ages
  • Coaches and their families 
  • Athletic trainers and personal trainers
  • Injured workers
  • Physicians, chiropractors and other health care professionals

 Caring for many needs

Whatever your goals, no matter your age, you can expect a complete, creative approach to evaluation and treatment. We address all orthopedic problems -- whether you’re new to physical therapy, seeking care for a recurring problem, or have a condition that is not responding to other treatment. Examples include:

  • Extremity injuries (hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists)
  • Sports-specific injuries and conditions
  • Basic or complex biomechanical dysfunction
  • Multiple diagnoses
  • Post-surgical therapy
  • Overuse injuries
  • Foot pain
  • Custom foot orthotics

The Synergies of Body Dynamics and Spinal Dynamics

Research indicates that more than 50% of patients access physical therapy to address back pain. Yet spine pain can often cause or be caused by problems with extremities.

As a division of Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin, Body Dynamics was conceived in the tradition of Spinal Dynamics’ philosophies, with a dedication to care that is individualized, progressive, comprehensive and clinically excellent.

Professionals from Spinal and Body Dynamics are located under one roof, each with dedicated skill to recognize and address co-existing influences between the spine and extremities. We’ll work synergistically with one another – to maximize the respective areas of expertise between and among our various staff members.

Whether you’re a patient at Body Dynamics or Spinal Dynamics, you will benefit from an approach that is individualized and detailed. You will be motivated and challenged, while being nurtured and cared for.

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