Scoliosis Clinic:  Program Schedule 

Free Scoliosis Screenings for patients that are concerned, but not yet diagnosed with scoliosis
The incidence of scoliosis is approximately 2-3% of children between the ages of 11 and 15 years old.  Scoliosis curves are at highest risk for worsening when children go through a growth spurt, as in adolescence.  Since scoliosis does not in and of itself cause pain, it can be extremely difficult to single out these children.  It is widely accepted that early detection is key to successful management of scoliosis. 

Screening programs were once offered as a mainstay as part of school health programs.  Today, most schools do not screen for scoliosis.  Most physicians perform screenings, yet many kids don’t see their doctor regularly during adolescence. We are pleased to support our community by providing free scoliosis screenings in Southeastern Wisconsin schools, for age-appropriate community groups, and in our clinic.  Screenings are quick and painless, and provided by one of our Schroth-certified physical therapists. Call 414-302-0770 to schedule a free screening.

Physical Therapy Consultations for patients diagnosed with scoliosis
Patients with scoliosis who are not sure if therapy is right for them can scheule a consultation with one of our scoliosis therapists.  Consultations are billable through insurance or are available at our discoutned private pay rates.  Call 414-302-0770 to schedule a consultation.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Milwaukee area scoliosis pateints (adolescents and adults)
Treatment plans are individualized after completion of initial evaluation. Patients typically come 1-2 times per week until they are ready to be more independent. We make attempts to accommodate individual schedules for both adolescents and adults.

Group Exercise Sessions for Milwaukee Area Scoliosis Patients
An important aspect of the Schroth method is learning and exercising in groups because groups can offer social and physcological benefits to both adults and children.  In addition, group exercise sessions can be more affordable than individual therapy sessions.  Patients are welcome to join group exercise once they have completed a basic level of Schroth training.   Groups are limited to six participants. Sessions are select Thursdays from 6-7 pm. ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED

For Patients from outside the Milwaukee Area - Immersion Program (Adolescent and Adult)
Individual Immersion Programs:
Available to all scoliosis patients - adults and adolescents - year round. Individuals train for approximately 5 hours per day on average over a 3-5 day period.
Two Person Immersion Group Programs:  Price is based upon an average of 6-7 total hours per day (combination of some individual time and some shared time/observation time).  Additional costs may apply if time is extended to meet individual patient requests or needs. 
Summer Camp Group Programs:  Available to both adolescents and young adults. Group immersion most closely resembles programs offered at many clinics in Europe. Group immersion programs provide the social, psychological, and educational benefits of working with others.  Group is scheduled in summer over a 6 day period.  Advanced registration needed as Group is limited to 6 participants. 
All Immersion Patients: At the end of the immersion training, all patients can expect to be independent with their home exercise program. We encourage out-of-town patients to return for a 1-2 day “refresher course” for reevaluation and advancement 6-12 months after their initial immersion training.  
Note:  Immersion training is also available to patients in the Milwaukee area that may opt for this compressed schedule.

Brace Consultations and Fittings
Patrick Flanagan, CPO, is an orthotist with extensive experience in scoliosis bracing. He sees patients at our clinic and works closely with the physical therapists and physicians involved in the patients' care.  Patrick offers a 3-D brace option that follows principles of Rigo-Cheneau, which is well-aligned with Schroth therapy.  Bracing consultations are provided at no cost. More on bracing>>     

Learn more about our Scoliosis Clinic and the Schroth method here.  

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