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   Back and Neck Pain

    • Does bowel dysfunction affect back pain and balance? Read More>>
    • Treating sacroiliac dysfunction can resolve many instances of low back pain Read More>>
    • Physical therapists offer low- cost solution to high cost expenditures for acute low back pain Read More>> 
    • Physical therapists offer low-cost solution to high cost expenditures for spinal conditions Read More>>

   Scoliosis in Adults and Adolescents

    • Scoliosis specific exercise (SSE) is part of the conservative management of scoliosis in adults and adolescents, explained Cindy L. Marti, PT at the Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society.  Read More>>
    • In-home scoliosis screening techniques assist with early detection of spinal deformities Read More>>
    • Significant widely cited BrAIST study regarding bracing and its effectiveness Read More>>
    • Brace treatment during pubertal growth spurt in girls with idiopathic scoliosis Read More>>
    • SOSORT Guidelines: Indications for conservative management of scoliosis Read More >>
    • Evidence to support conservative management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis Read More >>
    • Impact of scoliosis and scoliosis treatment on adult women and pregnant women Read More >>
    • Positive effects of therapeutic exercise in the treatment of adult scoliosis Read More >>
    • Cindy Marti’s 2010 SOSORT presentation on adult scoliosis treatment View Here >>
    • Insufficient evidence to support bracing alone as a method for treating adolescent scoliosis View Here >>
    • Many factors to consider when bracing for scoliosis Read More >>
    • Therapeutic exercise used to reverse adult scoliosis Read More >>

   Custom Cheneau-type brace following Rigo principles

    • Evaluation of the Cheneau brace in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis Read More>> 

   Pelvic Floor Pain

    • Urogynecological problems in pregnancy and postpartum Read More>>  

   Parkinson’s Disease

    • Tango improves balance, mobility in patients with Parkinson’s disease  Read More>>


    • Management of activity and rest is the key to helping patients cope Read More>>

   Kinesio Taping

    • Kinesio tape used in PT include pain relief, control of swelling, and improved circulation Read More>>

   Intramuscular Stimulation (Trigger Point Dry Needling)

    • Pain relief using a new technique for physical therapists in the U.S. Read More>>


    • Cervicogenic headaches crack student concentration Read More>>
    • Migraine triggers respond to physical therapy intervention Read More>>

   Myofascial Pain Syndrome

    • Trigger point pain responds to manual and instrument-assisted methods Read More>> 

Books, CD’s & DVD’s


    • Scoliosis and the Human Spine, by Martha C. Hawes, Ph.D; ISBN 0-9719546-0-7  Order Here>> 
    • Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis – A Physiotherapeutic Method for Deformities of the Spine, by Christa Lehnert-Schroth, P.T.; ISBN: 978-0-914959-02-1  Order Here>>
    • The Conservative Scoliosis Treatment – 1st SOSORT Instructional Course Lectures Book, Edited by Theodoros B. Grivas; ISBN 978-1-58603-842-7  This book provides a compilation of many professional presentations given at SOSORT meetings.  Order Here>>