Products / Equipment

Please talk with your therapist or a member of our office team about purchasing or ordering products.

Product In Stock; Purchase at our Clinic

  • Lumbar (low back) supports for sitting (McKenzie brands)
  • Bleacher seat lumbar support
  • Cervical (neck) supports for sleeping
  • Cervical and Lumbar Hot Packs (microwavable)
  • Cervical and Lumbar cold packs (gel)
  • Support belts for sacro-iliac joints (multiple brands)
  • Maternity lumbar and pelvis support belts
  • Soft posture support braces
  • Foam rolls (multiple densities)
  • Self massage tools
  • Swiss balls (multiple sizes, firm quality)
  • Heel lifts (for leg length discrepancies)
  • Arch supports
  • Exercise tubing (therabands and flexbands)
  • Therapeautic and athletic tape
  • Educational materials on posture, body mechanics
  • Tennis elbow straps
  • Knee tendinitis straps
  • Vasyli moldable orthotics

Products In Stock; Insurance-billable (With Physician Referral)

  • Home traction units for neck and low back (Models used laying down)
  • Home traction units for neck (seated model)
  • Home electrical stimulation units for pain relief (TENS, Interferential, High-Volt Galvanic, and Direct current)
  • Home electrical stimulation units for muscle re-education
  • Biofeedback home units

Products Available to Order Through Our Clinic

We have a wide range of products available to order through many of our preferred vendors.  We recommend contacting our office to inquire about your specific needs. Examples include

  • Braces and supports for extremities (knees, ankles, elbows, wrists)
  • Braces and supports for spine
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Custom-made foot orthotics
  • Custom made-scoliosis braces for adolescents

Scoliosis Products

The following items are available for use at home:

  • Doorway bar
  • Gait belt and custom D-ring belt
  • Pads
  • Poles
  • Stool
  • Video training records
  • Inspirometer
  • Foam roll
  • Theraband