Information for Referring Practitioners

If you want your patients to thank you, send them to us . . .

Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin, along with our Body Dynamics division, has earned the trust of leading physicians and other referrers across Southeastern Wisconsin. We are pleased to serve as a physical therapy resource for you

If you’re a primary care physician, we offer . . .

  • Active treatment options that complement your primary care
  • Early intervention for acute injuries
  • Input on differential diagnosis based on clinical evaluations

If you’re a specialist, we offer . . .

  • Rehabilitation approaches that enhance your specialty
  • Consultations that help contribute to your clinical decision-making
  • A resource to fully explore conservative strategies prior to surgery
  • An effective supplement to interventional pain management

If you are a chiropractor, we offer…

  • Physical therapists that will work collaboratively with you
  • Services for patients needing time-intensive stabilization exercises
  • Interventions that are positive adjuncts to chiropractic care

If you are a coach or trainer, we offer. . .

  • Excellence in sports and exercise biomechanics
  • Goal-oriented therapy that drives improved performance
  • A resource to assist you in safely returning your athlete to sport

If you are a worker’s compensation case manager, we offer . . .

  • Therapists who respect your range of customers: insurer, employer, patient, physician
  • Therapy that is directed toward the goal of full work capabilities
  • Proactive and ongoing communication

If you want ease of referral, we offer . . .

  • Central location
  • Early morning and evening hours
  • Insurance verification service

We know you want expertise, so we offer . . .

  • Experienced therapists specializing in spine or extremity
  • Multiple subspecialty therapy programs for unique patient needs
  • Optimal balance of manual and active therapy
  • Creative options using our ongoing continuing education

You deserve distinctive therapists that reflect well on you, so we are . . .

  • Passionate
  • Dedicated
  • Tenacious

You value a trusted colleague, so we are . . .

  • Resourceful
  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Communicative

If you’re a health care professional who wants additional information about our practice, please call Cindy Marti, president, at 414-302-0770.

Additional Information of Interest to Referring Physicians:

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Need Help With Referrals?

If you’re responsible for coordinating rehabilitation for your patients, we’re here to help. Our front office staff is ready to assist with scheduling and insurance, and our clinicians are available to discuss medical questions.

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