Scoliosis Bracing Services

Our scoliosis approach:  Bracing with Schroth-based therapy

Our clinic provides very synergistic care between therapy and bracing under one roof. Bracing services are integral to our scoliosis program, as research shows bracing and exercise, when done together, are more effective at managing scoliosis than either one alone. Our therapy is based upon the 3-D principles of the Schroth method, an exercise-based approach to scoliosis treatment used widely across Europe for decades. For patients who require bracing, we have an orthotist on site who offers 3-D custom bracing using Cheneau-type bracing following Rigo principles. The 3-D bracing principles match the 3-D nature of Schroth exercise – making the two interventions work well together. 

We offer complimentary scoliosis bracing consultations — Initial scoliosis bracing consultations are free! No referral is needed. Just contact the clinic to schedule.  Consultations are open to patients seeking first-time bracing, seeking a second opinion on bracing, or aren’t sure if they need a brace. 


Experience and expertise

We are pleased to have veteran orthotist Patrick Flanagan, CO, FAAOP as a provider of bracing services in house at Spinal Dynamics. A graduate of Northwestern Medical School of Orthotics and Prosthetics, Patrick is a fellow of the Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics.  He is certified by the American Board for Certification (ABC) and licensed in both Wisconsin and Illinois. In addition to providing bracing in-house at Spinal Dynamics, Patrick runs his private practice in Illinois — O&P Innovations.

Spinal Dynamics also has a working relationship with Luke Stikeleather, CO, of Virginia-based Orthotic Solutions.  Luke was recently inducted into the prestigious Scoliosis Research Society, joining only a few orthotists among many physicians and surgeons.  Patrick and Luke colloborate on patients as needed and often attend conferences together to improve upon bracing strategies.

In 2007, our therapist Cindy Marti traveled to Germany with Patrick and Luke to attend the Rigo-System Cheneau Brace Workshop held at Ortholutions.

An additional resource is Grant Wood, MS, CPO (UK) CO (US), co-founder and CEO of Align Clinic, LLC in San Mateo, California.  Grant has over 25 years of experience in the areas of prosthetic and orthotic patient care, management, product development, and scientific research.

Additional Bracing:

For some patients, bracing can assist with treatment or management of orthopedic, neurological, and sports conditions of the spine or extremities.  Bracing can be prescribed when physical therapy is ordered, or it can be recommended by a physician or physical therapist during the course of treatment. 

In addition to scoliosis bracing, we have services for: 

  • Back pain
  • Dropfoot and other gait dysfunctions
  • ACL and other sports injuries
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Post-operative conditions