Spinal Dynamics is the Milwaukee area’s only independent spine-dedicated physical therapy practice. Our experienced team stands ready to serve as a leading resource for your back care needs. Together with our extremity division - Body Dynamics - we have earned the respect of hundreds of referring physicians. We are passionate and driven — and we continually evolve our techniques to bring you the very best.

We are here to help...

  • Spine-focused physical therapists
  •  Scoliosis Clinic
     (Schroth and SEAS)   
       Headache Care
    • Parkinson Program
    • Spinal Manipulation
    • Vertigo Treatment
    • Pelvic Floor
    • Post-surgical therapy
    • DIERS radiation-free scoliosis/spine scans
    • Spinal Decompression
      (Inversion & Traction)


  • Extremity-focused physical therapists 
  •  Sports Therapy
    • Video Biomechanical Evaluations
    • Gymnastics specialty
    • Post-surgical therapy
    • Custom Foot Orthotics

Specialty Services

Trigger Point Dry Needling 
Massage Therapy
Yoga and Pilates
Bracing - spine and extremity
Exercise consultations 
Products and equipment
FCE and Work Therapy
Leg Length Differences

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